Why Pay Privately for Therapy?

Paying privately for psychotherapy has many benefits for the client including privacy, control, security and expertise.

Other Local Providers

Other Local Providers if my practice is Full:

This is a list of other providers that I have heard good things about.  The names are in no particular order, the list just grows as I hear good things about someone.  Inclusion on this list is not meant to be an endorsement or recommendation.  This list is just meant to give you some ideas about other providers in town who might be good resources for you. 

Therapists with some expertise in the treatment of Eating Disorders
Maria Beye, Sherri Szuch, Kate Hagadone, Dana Shapero, Judith Banker, Lori Perpich, Moira Hubbard, Rachel Tannenbaum

Nutritionists with ED experience
Allison Mankowski, Patrizia Jesue

Psychiatrists with ED expertise
Jennifer Jenks, Kendra Shih

Physicians with ED expertise
Catherine Anne Miller (Michigan Medicine)

General Therapists 
Janet M Fry, Dan DeSena, Robert Hooberman, Robert Cohen, Art Brickman, Glenn Kagan, David Freiband, Diane Gartland, Howard Erman, Rochelle Flumenbaum, Reena Liberman, Karin Ahbel-Rappe, Kathy Blough

General Psychiatrist
Thomas Atkins