Why Pay Privately for Therapy?

Paying privately for psychotherapy has many benefits for the client including privacy, control, security and expertise.

Office Policies

Office Hours and Service Fees:

  • My standard rate is $150.00 for a 45-minute session.
  • Payment may be made by cash or check. I do not accept credit cards.
  • I am an out-of-network provider. I do not accept insurance. I will provide you with a receipt. The receipt contains all the documentation you need to file with your insurance company. You may receive reimbursement from them if they cover out-of-network mental health services.

Appointment Cancellation:

  • Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. I do ask you to pay for sessions that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Communication and Other Services Between Sessions:

  • Phone calls related to scheduling and other administrative issues are free of charge.
  • I do charge a pro-rated fee for non-administrative phone calls, such as parent support calls, or coordination of care calls with other medical providers. These services are billed at a pro-rated amount based on the amount of time involved.


  • I do my best to return phone calls within 24 hours, but email is always the best way to contact me. Especially to discuss scheduling issues
  • If you are experiencing a crisis and need to schedule extra sessions, that can be arranged. Extra time is best done in the office, not over the phone.
  • In a life-threatening situation, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Record Keeping:

  • I maintain a clinical record, which includes any information that you discuss. You may see this record if you like. Your records are archived after treatment ends, and then destroyed after 7 years.

Confidentiality and HIPPA Compliance:

  • I will not release any information that identifies you to anyone without your written permission. However, there are several exceptions:
    • In order to warn or protect a person, including yourself,  in imminent danger of being physically harmed.
    • To a court of law, required by a court order.
    • To inform the Department of Family and Children Services about the possibility that a minor is being abused or neglected.

Legal Matters:

  • If you become involved in legal matters such as child custody proceedings or lawsuits claiming pain and suffering, I request that you exclude your treatment records from the legal proceedings. If a report or evaluation is required, it is best handled by an independent psychologist.

Terminating Services:

  • You are under no obligation to continue treatment, and you can stop at any time. In the event that you wish to stop treatment, please provide complete payment for all services that have been provided, and give notice of your decision to stop treatment.
  • You are free to schedule sessions as frequently or infrequently as you like. I leave it up to you to contact me to request appointments. I respect your privacy and do not follow up unless you have requested that in advance.

Questions or Concerns?

Please feel free to discuss with me any questions or concerns you have regarding these policies.